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Everyone's Blanket
TØY Blanket Organic Cotton
Everyone's Blanket
Everyone's Blanket
TØY Everyone's Blanket Organic Cotton
Everyone's Blanket
Meditation Blanket Organic Cotton
Organic Cotton Blanket French Bulldog
TØY Baby Blanket and Everyone's Blanket

Everyone's Blanket

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Treat yourself or someone you care about with our buttery-soft 100% organic cotton blanket. Our signature fabric was designed for the most sensitive baby skin, but this natural and breathable Everyone's Blanket is large enough to be enjoyed by everyone; children of all ages, adults and even your beloved fur babies (no judgment here!).

You can take it with you to the beach for a sunrise meditation, take it to the park for a picnic with family and friends, throw it over your legs to keep you extra warm while reading your favorite book, use it as a super-soft poncho, throw it over your stroller during fun outdoor adventures or lay it out literally ANYWHERE to give yourself or your littles a soft and cozy cover from any harsh or unsanitary surface. It is the perfect summer blanket as well as a winter blanket, because of how well organic cotton naturally regulates the body temperature. Who needs a wool blanket, linen blanket or a cashmere blanket when you can have this perfect organic cotton blanket?

Our certified 100% organic cotton fabric used to make Everyone's blanket, Baby Blanket and all of our TØY baby clothes comes from cotton seeds grown without harmful pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals. This fabric is also free of bleaches, flame-retardants, softeners, anti-shrinkage and other unnecessary chemicals. The luxurious, soft feel of TØY 100% organic cotton fabrics comes from brushing, which also increases the fabric's breathability. Because we don't treat any of our products with toxic substances, they are naturally also more durable and we hope that you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy them for multiple years if not generations!

Size: 47x47"

Fabric: Certified 100% Organic Cotton

Color: Pure Cotton (undyed) & Forest Green (dyed with low-impact and baby-safe dye)