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If you are searching for the softest, most comfortable and functional baby clothes and accessories you've come to the right place! Here are a few highlights to help you understand what makes TØY unique:
1. Easy to use
Based on feedback from hundreds of parents, all of our TØY products have been designed to help make your life with a baby as easy as possible. We are focused on taking away any clothing pain points you might face during the first years of your baby's life by offering useful features like handy double zippers that smoothly open up from top and bottom to help speed up diaper checks and changes, extra easy to use snap buttons that open up with just the right amount of force, single layers for minimum confusion with opening and closing our bodysuits, and many more! That way you can save more energy and time to focus on what is really important.

2.  Functional 
Parents sure love our Jumpsuits with 2-way zippers for their functionality, but have you ever lost a baby sock or mitten? Or a 100 of them? That's when you'll truly understand why we have incorporated optional mittens and footies in our newborn jumpsuits and pants using our smart fold-over cuffs - we don't want you to worry about losing them ever again! This is not where our functionalities end, so be sure explore each of our products to learn more about our functional design

3.  Safe for baby skin
Babies' skin is approximately 30% thinner than ours and easily absorbs any toxins it comes in contact with. The fabric we use for TØY baby clothes and accessories is made from highest quality 100% organic cotton yarn ( GOTS certified), and turned into fabric without use of any chemicals - no bleaches, chemical softeners, oil or toxic washes of any sort. Our undyed collection is also free from any dyes, while Deep Ocean Blue, Forest Green, Salmon Pink, Neutral Grey, Canyon Brown and Blooming Lilac are dyed with baby-safe low-impact, azo-free dyes to add some color, but without sacrificing your baby's safety and our planet. 

4. Buttery-soft
While fabrics (organic and non-organic) usually are softened using chemicals, ours is not. We use a softening method called "brushing", which allows us to create the softest feel for you and your little one, but without using any toxins. Because brushing elevates the fibers, it also makes the fabric more breathable and extra comfortable for your baby to wear.
5. Better fitting
Comfortable babies are happier babies, so we set out on a mission to make sure that TØY babies are as comfortable in their lounging clothes as they can be, and what's as important as a comfortable fabric? A great fit!
Our clothes are sized by height, instead of age, to help you pick the best size for your uniquely growing baby. It might be an adjustment at first, but worry not, you will thank us later.
6. Durable
Avoiding chemicals on your clothes is not only good for the skin and our planet, but also for the garment itself. Chemicals weaken the fibers, so by not chemically treating them we also achieve an extra strong fabric that is more durable. 
7. Timeless & Gender-neutral
We want TØY to be enjoyed for generations and our neutral, rich colors inspired by our dear planet Earth and the amazing life on it, are designed exactly for that. All of our collections are timeless and gender-neutral, so they can be saved for or passed on to another baby  after your little one outgrows their favorite pieces, regardless of gender and time. 

8. Sustainable
While we dislike using the word "sustainable", because we are not in the business of green washing our clients, we want you to be aware of our sustainability efforts that go above and beyond just using organic cotton. You can read all about them here

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