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5 Ways To Start Reducing Environmental Toxins In Your Life

5 way to reduce environmental toxins in your life


Toxins are bad for you, pregnant or not, yet they can be hiding pretty much everywhere around you. A recently published study shows that toxic PFAS, commonly used in food packaging, clothing, and other products, was found in - wait for it - 100% of all tested breast milk samples.

If you're like us and would ideally like to avoid 100% of toxins, we have bad news to share - that's the real #missionimpossible in this day and age, as you can see above. But, we have spoken with a Fertility Health Coach, Anastasia Vera, about 5 steps you can take right now to start reducing the environmental toxins in your life for the benefit of you and your baby:


1. Become aware of chemicals around you

Awareness is key, so start  with educating yourself about environmental toxins; what they are and where they are hiding. You can start by reading our post about 4 Key Toxins To Avoid, but also read content from non-profit organizations you trust, like EWG, sign up for their newsletters and follow them on social media to continuously build your knowledge. Another great account to follow for awareness and tips around toxins is @thefoodbabe on Instagram.


2. Don't do it all at once

When you are ready to make a change in your life try not to overwhelm yourself by doing everything at once. If you want to change your food, use of plastics, skin care products, non-stick cookware, home cleaning supplies, perfumes and air fresheners at the same time, the long term success odds will be against you. Instead, choose one area you’d like to focus on first, f.ex. air fresheners, change them all out and get comfortable with this new part of your life before picking up the next item on your toxic list. 


3. Set short-term goals

This trick is important for your motivation and long-term success. Instead of only having a long-term goal like getting rid of 75% of the toxins from your life, break them up into smaller, short-term goals.

Let's say that by end of this week you want to have researched what toxins hide in air fresheners. By the end of next week you'll find safer alternatives to the ones you're currently using. 3 weeks from now you want to have replaced them all. Feels pretty easy, right? Even with a tight schedule you can make your home less toxic just 3 weeks from now. Then, you can start tackling the next item, like non-stick pans, to get you closer to your ultimate goal.

Always set goals that will somehow stretch you, but feel achievable within the time frame given. That way you won't get discouraged when the end goal is constantly too far away.

4. Share your journey with friends on social media

Sharing your goals with others will create an accountability to proceed with what you have started and shouldn't be underestimated. Even better, there is a good chance that sharing your story might inspire someone else to follow your steps. If this blog post inspired you to make a change, please tag us on IG @toeybabyclothes and @anastasia.vera.coach so we can follow your journey!


5. Donate to non-profit organizations

Organizations that work for the greater good and not the profit, like EWG, help us with the knowledge we need to make the best decisions for our health. They are in need of the donations all the time, so that they can continue doing independent research we all can rely upon. Even a few dollars can make a difference, so consider donating to your favorite organizations when you have the chance. 



Anastasia Vera works with women who are having a difficulty getting pregnant and sees great results with her clients when everyday toxins are reduced. For more information about Anastasia and her work, check our her Facebook Group or follow her on IG @anastasia.vera.coach