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3 Reasons For Moms & Dads To Practice Kangaroo Care / Skin To Skin Contact

Skin to skin care - Newborn - TØY


You've probably heard that kangaroo care, also called skin to skin contact, between parents and premature babies is important and that it should be practiced for both mom's and her baby's well-being, but full-term babies might benefit from the technique as well!

Even though the technique is sometimes referred to as Kangaroo Mother Care, we have also come across research showing that it's beneficial for both moms and dads/non birthing parents to practice at least 1 hour of KC with their newborn per day. Here are the benefits:


1. Faster time to breastfeeding (moms)

A 2019 study published in International Breastfeeding Journal concluded that mothers of pre-term babies who practiced skin-to-skin contact successfully started breastfeeding almost 3 days earlier than mothers who did not. That's quite a win!


2. Stabilized temperature and heart rate, reduced crying (infants)

Journal of Perinatal & Neonatal Nursing published a study in 2019 that proved positive effects of kangaroo care for newborns. Fathers practicing skin-to-skin with their baby after cesarean delivery contributed to stabilizing babies' heart rate and temperature, decreasing babies' duration of crying and helped moms increase their babies' breastfeeding rate. 


3. Reduced anxiety and depression (dads)

The same 2019 study in Journal of Perinatal & Neonatal Nursing showed that fathers who practiced skin-to-skin with their baby after cesarean delivery showed lower scores of anxiety and depression and better role attainment than those who did not. That's enough of a reason for dads, or the non-birthing parent, to practice Kangaroo Care with their baby!

Pro tip: Good and easy to use baby clothes are important to give you the flexibility to have some skin-to-skin time with your little one wherever you are and whenever you find a free hour for it. Our kimono bodysuits and jumpsuits are recommended in such situations as they're extra easy to take off and put on again.