Deep Ocean Blue

TØY Baby Clothes - Deep Ocean Blue


Sail away with us into the waters of the Deep Ocean and enjoy the calming effects of slowly drifting to the rhythm of its gentle waves. The Ocean’s views are magnificent: picture-perfect sunrises and sunsets, wild dolphins swimming by your boat, and exotic birds flying just close enough for you to bask in their brilliant colors. Who knows, maybe even a friendly whale will breach nearby and spout, creating a beautiful rainbow just for you.

So are you ready to jump into the mysterious Deep Ocean Blue waters on this perfectly sunny day? Don’t worry, there are no scary creatures in our TØY Ocean, only friendly marine life. The waters of the Deep Ocean Blue also have special powers: once you jump in, you too become as powerful like the Ocean itself. When you’re in its intense blue waters, you’ll feel so refreshed that you won’t even want to go back to your boat - you’re welcome!


Our Deep Ocean Blue collection is inspired by the deepest and most intense blue parts of The Ocean, where the most spectacular marine life flourish. The dark blue shade also reminds us of home: the cold and revitalizing Norwegian waters, perfect for a quick dip on a warm summer day.

Each time you look at your baby wearing Deep Ocean Blue, we want you to remember how powerful and magnificent The Ocean is and how you too now have its special powers to handle any challenge thrown your way.


As always, our buttery-soft fabric is made with GOTS certified 100% organic cotton, dyed with baby-safe and low-impact dyes. The fabric is physically brushed for softness and never treated with chemical softeners, bleaches, retardants or other unnecessary toxins.



 Deep Ocean Blue TØY Baby Clothes