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Salmon Pink

Gender-neutral Salmon Pink - TØY Baby Clothes

Say hello to our boldest collection yet: Salmon Pink. While some might believe that pink shades are only reserved for girls, we believe otherwise: it's for everyone, especially our unique salmon shade with a hint of orange and coral in it!

The "pink for girls and blue for boys" norm has been around for a while, but did you know that it hasn't always been that way? Before the 20th century multiple countries, including the US, were practicing the exact opposite! Even earlier than that all babies were mainly dressed in white (think Pure Cotton now), so there really is no reason why now we shouldn't treat all colors as gender-neutral and feel comfortable dressing our babies in whatever color we choose.

Although, if you need any extra reassurance, this collection is made to be the perfect feminine and masculine mix of red and orange shades, so it works well for both baby girls and baby boys at the same time.


Our TØY Salmon Pink collection is inspired by one of the main treasures of Norway; the salmon fish. This fish swims against the river streams for thousands of miles just to reach the ocean and start its own family. There is a lot of hope and dedication that goes into the process, and the fact that they don’t give up until they achieve their goal is something truly remarkable.

The salmon color itself is chosen to boost confidence, both yours and your baby's. Our Salmon Pink color also has a bit of a coral color in it, which also represents positivity, hope and inclusion.


As always, our buttery-soft fabric is made with GOTS certified 100% organic cotton, dyed with baby-safe and low-impact dyes. The fabric is physically brushed for softness and never treated with chemical softeners, bleaches, retardants or other unnecessary toxins.



TØY Salmon Pink Organic Baby Clothes