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Size Guide

I'm loving what I'm seeing, but wait.. what's up with this sizing by inches? 

Did you just ask yourself how do baby clothes sizes work here? We understand that the concept of buying baby clothes by height might be new to you, unless you are used to it from Europe or other places where baby clothes go by height and not age, but don't worry. We are here to help you understand why our sizing goes by inches and how you can find the perfect size for the baby you are shopping for. 

If you're in a rush.. 

Here is a high level conversion of the typical US baby clothing sizes to TØY sizes:

Typical US Size TØY Size
Newborn 21"
0-3 mos 23"
3-6 mos 25"
6-9 mos 27"
9-12 mos 29"
12-18 mos 31"
18-24 mos 33"


Newborn size 

If you're buying TØY before your little one is born, you can use your own height and baby's weight prediction to choose the best fit:

Weight Prediction Avg Height Parents Tall Parents
up to 8 lbs 21" 21"
8-9 lbs 21" 23"
9+ lbs 23" 23"


Below you'll find more detailed information on how to find the best fit for the baby you are buying TØY for. 


Let us explain.. 

Shopping baby clothes by inches helps you better choose the right size for YOUR baby at any given time. 

Every baby clothing brand defines their sizing by age differently. Even if your baby matches one brand's measurements correctly, chances are hight that he or she will wear a different size from another brand, so you'll still have to check the brands' size specs to compare and pick the right size.

We are all about making your life easier, so we decided to let you buy baby clothes by your baby's height from the beginning.

If you're a parent / parent-to-be and you are unsure about your baby's current / projected height, keep reading below. All thoughtful gift-givers, please scroll down to the "Baby's Best Friends" section for help choosing the best size.


Parents / Parents-to-be

If you're buying TØY before your little one is born..

Whether you're looking for the safest take home outfit, your baby's first or 10th outfit before he or she is born choosing the perfect size can be challenging, because you won't know your baby's actual height until he/she is here!

The typical range for a newborn is 5-10 lbs and 18-22" at birth, although preemies or babies of very tall parents might be out of this this range. Therefore, there is no straight forward advice on how to pick the right size for a baby that is yet to be born.

There is hope, though. Doctors will give you weight predictions before birth, so a combination of that and how tall you & your partner are, will give you a good indication of which size you should choose for your newborn.

To make it even easier for you, we've asked a great amount of parents about their babies' birth stats and we put their numbers together with CDC's growth charts to create the following sizing recommendation for you:

Weight Prediction Avg Height Parents Tall Parents
up to 8 lbs 21" 21"
8-9 lbs 21" 23"
9+ lbs 23" 23"


If you're buying TØY for a baby that's already here, but you are unsure about his/her current height..

To help you pick the best size for your baby, we'd suggest that you measure him/her to your best ability. You can either watch our tutorial on how to easily measure your baby at home or estimate his/her height based on the number from your last doctor's appointment:

Think about the last time you took your baby for a check-up. What was his/her height then? Then add 0.5-1" for each month since the measurement, depending on how fast your baby is growing.

If you come up with f.ex. 23", then you can either choose size 23" for the best fit "right now" or size up and go with 25", so your baby will be able to enjoy his/her TØY longer. Personally, we'd always recommend you to size up in this kind of situation, unless you really need something to fit perfectly right away.


Baby's Best Friends / Thoughtful Gift Givers

If you're looking to buy a baby shower gift or a thoughtful baby present, we always recommend asking the parents about:

- Their clothing needs (what items & sizes do they already have and what are they missing), and/or

- Their baby's current height or their height projection

If you're ever in doubt, we always recommend taking a chance on a bigger size, rather than a smaller one, because they will always be able grow into something that is too big, but not the other way around.

If you can't find out how tall the baby you're shopping for is, we have created a handy guide to help you pick the best possible size based on a few facts:

Baby shower gift / Newborn gift

1) How tall are the lucky baby's parents? (Petite, Average, Tall)

Gift for already born babies

1) Is the baby smaller or bigger than average? (Pick between Petite, Average, Tall)

2) How old is the baby you're shopping for?

Based on this information, you'll be able to see how long each of the TØY sizes will approximately last for:

TØY Size


(up to)


(up to)


(up to)

21" 1 month 0.5 months Might be too small for a newborn
23" 3 months 1.5 months 1 month
25" 6 months 4 months 2 months
27" 10 months 8.5 months 5 months
29" 15 months 11 months 7 months
31" 25 months 19 months 13 months
33" 36 months 28 months 20 months

If you're shopping for a petite baby / baby of petite parents, then size 21" will be a good fit from the moment the baby is born and until he/she is approximately 1 month. 

If you're shopping for a tall baby / baby of tall parents, then size 21" will most likely be too small already when the baby is born, so we'd recommend buying size 23" or bigger.

If the baby you're shopping for is most likely an average size baby, then he/she will be able to enjoy the 21" size at the hospital / while going home and up to 2 weeks after birth.


If you're still unsure about what size to pick, feel free to chat with us or send us an email to for more personalized suggestions!