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5 Newborn Essentials

Newborn Essentials

Preparing for a new baby? If you are a first time parent, figuring out questions like how many newborn clothes do I need and shopping for your newborn can be overwhelming as there are so many items to choose from and everyone seems to have a different opinion on what you will need.

Taking an objective approach, we've interviewed and surveyed multiple parents on the baby clothing pieces they've actually used and loved during their babies' first 3 months to help you determine what the true newborn must haves are. 

1) Long sleeve bodysuits 

Deemed the most needed baby clothing item, a long sleeve bodysuit a must in every little baby's layette (first wardrobe). Bodysuits are easy to handle, can be worn with pants or on its own and typically come in 2 types: Kimono & Envelope neck.

This essential item is not only a must on a newborn winter clothes checklist, but it is also needed for spring, summer and fall babies. No matter the weather outside, the AC inside might still require you to use it.

All parents agree that you need at least a few long sleeve bodysuits for your newborn, with the average being 6, but some used these so much that they needed as many as 12 during the first 3 months.

2) Short Sleeve Bodysuits

The second most essential baby clothing item is a short sleeve bodysuit. While a few of asked parents didn't use these (winter babies), the short sleeve bodysuits are a must for all spring and summer tots and babies growing up in southern states. These also often come in 2 types: Kimono Envelope neck.

Parents needed on average 5 of these, with some using as many as 11. We recommend you to take your local weather conditions into consideration and think how often you're planning to be outdoors vs indoors with your newborn. 

3) Jumpsuits

Some parents claim that this is the #1 baby essential and that once you find a good baby jumpsuit, you'll never want to use anything else ever again. Others prefer to dress their babies in separate tops and bottoms, so it is a personal preference.

The advantage of a jumpsuit, baby overall or baby onesie as some like to call it, is that you only have to dress your little one in ONE thing, because it's a bodysuit and a pant in one item. Parents often struggle with too many buttons on a jumpsuit, so ours is designed with an easy 2-way zipper. We have also built in special fold-over functionality, so you can use the jumpsuit with and without footies and mittens. 

On average, parents say that they needed 5 different jumpsuits, some used none and some up to 10, but this will very much depend on your personal preference (and how often you're willing to do laundry).

4) Blankets

In addition to serving as a blanket, a swaddle, a bed sheet, safe floor cover and anything in between, a blanket is also often used as an alternative to baby clothing and should be one of your must-haves. If you're going to use bodysuits and jumpsuits, most parents recommend getting 2-4 blankets, but a few true blanket fans needed 7 to 10 of them. 

5) Pants

Pants are only an essential clothing item when used with bodysuits, so if you're planning to use mostly jumpsuits (or blankets), you do not need to get many of these. As one mom put it: it's a personal choice she and her partner made for day clothes. Pants often come as footies or regular pants, but we like to make your life easier, so TØY newborn pants come with our fold-over functionality and can be used as both. 

On average, surveyed parents needed 3 pairs for the first 3 months, with some needing none and some using up to 5 pairs.

At the moment TØY is offering bodysuits, jumpsuits and pants, and you can purchase them separately or as a set in our TØY Organic Essentials boxes here. We are now also offering organic blankets in both baby and adult friendly sizes.