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Essential T-shirt: Undyed
Essential T-shirt: Undyed
Essential T-shirt: Undyed
Essential T-shirt: Undyed
Essential T-shirt: Undyed
Essential T-shirt: Undyed
Essential T-shirt: Undyed

Essential T-shirt: Undyed

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The perfect T-shirt doesn't exi..... Well, it does now! And it is not only better for you, but also for our dear Mother Earth.

Our signature buttery-soft 100% organic cotton fabric, which has the perfect thickness and is brushed to perfection for increased softness and breathability, has been turned into the comfiest unisex short sleeve t-shirt that this world has ever seen.

This perfectly oversized t-shirt has been designed to be enjoyed by all genders, during all stages of life. You can wear this luxuriously soft & breathable top to anything and everything, from dressing it up for the most comfortable day at work to (sizing up and) wearing it to bed for the best sleep of your life. 

Do you also dislike when t-shirts that go over your head are too tight and not only bother you, but also (if that's your thing) mess up your hair and make-up? Same, so don't worry about it with this one!

For the ultimate TØY experience, pair it together with our TØY Essential Sweatpants and your comfiest shoes (or better yet, go barefoot!) and we can almost guarantee you that you won't want to wear anything else ever again. As one of our testers put it: 

"Wearing TØY is like wearing the coziest bed that you don't want to get out of!"

Key features:
- Comfortably loose fit
- Spacious arm sleeves
- Large neck opening, so it won't bother you when going over your head
- Minimalist stitching design pattern at the back and around the neck, arms & hips
- Not too thin, not too thick - just perfect - fabric
- Certified 100% organic cotton yarn

- Discreet brand labels
- Gender-neutral

At TØY, we create skin-safe & comfortable clothes, without sacrificing our planet. These Undyed Essential T-shirts contain:

  • No GMO seeds
  • No toxic pesticides and fertilizers
  • No dyes
  • No bleaches
  • No chemical softeners
  • No anti-shrinkage chemicals
  • No flame-retardants
  • No other unnecessary chemicals

Size range: S-XL 

Made in: India

Tip: For the ultimate oversized look or to use it as a maternity t-shirt or as the comfiest sleeping t-shirt, we recommend to size 1 or 2 sizes up.

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