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Care Instructions

All TØY clothes are made with 100% organic cotton and the answer to how to wash baby (+ kids and adult) TØY clothes will therefore always be the same.

To keep your baby safe from as many chemicals as possible, our organic fabric is not chemically treated to avoid shrinkage, so please follow our care instructions closely in order to best take care of your beloved products: 

  • Hand or machine wash with cold water
  • Use a mild & ideally non-toxic baby laundry detergent, for example Branch Basics
  • Because our fabric is already brushed for softness, do not use any chemical fabric softeners
  • Avoid using dryer sheets, as they tend to be full of toxins and might irritate your baby's skin
  • Wash inside out
  • Wash with similar colors
  • Re-shape while damp
  • Ideally air dry
  • If desired, iron at low heat

Please note: Machine washing and drying our 100% organic cotton clothes at any program other than cold / no heat will most likely result in shrinkage. 

When washing, keep in mind the environmental impact of the used resources to help our planet 🌎

PS. Once your child has outgrown the clothes, please keep them for the next baby, the next generation, give away to friends / family or donate to those in need. Our gender-neutral baby clothes make the perfect hand-me-downs! Plus, sharing is caring ❤️

If you send us a quick note & proof of donation to hello@shoptoey.com and we will share a special discount code towards your next purchase as a thank you for putting our high quality clothing in circulation!