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Our Story


The idea of TØY came to our Norwegian founder's mind in 2018 in one of the most organic cities in the United States: San Francisco, CA. 

Inspired by focus on organic products in California, the idea was to merge the best of minimalistic Scandinavian design with high quality organic fabrics to create timeless, gender-neutral, functional and safe baby clothes, which can help you give your baby the best possible start to his or her life.

It took a lot of sweat and tears to design our functional and baby safe products, find the right production partner and launch our beloved TØY brand, but by September 2019 we were ready to introduce it to you. 

In 2020 our TØY brand is still a little baby amongst all major baby clothing brands and we are still learning how we can be the best organic baby clothing brand out there. But, that's also what gives us the possibility to be flexible and quickly adjust to meet our customers' needs. So, if you ever have any comments or ideas on how we can make our baby clothes better, feel free to contact us at


We created TØY because:

  • We want to make your life easier
  • We want to help you buy clothes that fit your baby better
  • We want you to be able to minimize the amount of chemicals that are touching your baby's sensitive skin
  • We want you to be able to keep your baby clothes for decades to come and pass them on in great condition to any baby, regardless of gender
  • We want to help you worry less about avoidable issues, so you can focus more on spending the precious time with your baby. They grow up SO FAST, so every extra second counts.

We hope you and your baby love our products as much as we do 💖


What is "TØY"?

The word "TØY" comes from Norwegian and simply means "clothing". The letter ø is pronounced like u in "burn" or ea in "earth". Now you can try to say TOY, but with ø instead of o. Go ahead, no one is listening. Practice makes perfect! 

Ø is not your standard letter, so we totally understand if you don't know how to type it. That's totally fine, because we are all about making your life easier. "Ø" can be written as "OE", so you can simply refer to us as TOEY instead! 

Now, if you'd like to purchase some TØY baby clothes, here is a quick link to all our products