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The Minimalist Style


We believe in simplicity, minimalism and functionality along with usage of natural and organic materials, which is why we have designed our minimalist baby clothes following that philosophy.


We like to think that less is more, both in terms of design and the amount of clothing you need (really!). To us, TØY baby clothes are perfect on their own, but if you want to style them up a little bit to reflect your own / your baby’s style you can easily pair them up with any accessories and outer layers. Our earthy tones go well together with most other colors, so you can simply use TØY as a skin-safe and comfy base layer underneath any other clothing piece, without worrying about overwhelming the outfit with too many patterns or crazy colors on top of each other, at the same time as you're minimizing your baby's skin exposure to toxic chemicals.


Lastly, we want you to know that we value quality over quantity, which is why we have carefully designed only 8 unique TØY baby clothing pieces so far, but we have taken every single detail into consideration, so that our clothes are designed to last. We are very particular about the fabric we use and the holistic production process, because we want our clothes to be as durable as possible, so your baby can wear them again and again. Once the clothes are outgrown, we want you to also be able to pass them on to be enjoyed by other lucky babies.