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Baby Measurement

How tall is my baby?

Not sure how tall your baby is at the moment? You're not alone! They grow so fast during their first 2 years, so it can be hard to keep up.

Watch this short video below to learn how you can easily measure the height of your baby at the comfort of your own home. The number probably won't be 100% accurate, as it's really hard to get the exact measurement at home, but you'll get a good idea of your baby's height. 

To easily measure your baby, all you need is a:
- measuring tape
- baby (duh..)
- book (or wall)
- tape

No measuring tape or no baby available? 

Visit our Size Guide for recommendations on which size to choose for the baby you are shopping for!


WHO Growth Charts

If you'd like to compare your own baby's measurements to the official baby growth chart or check the average baby weight and average baby length, we have included the information for you below. WHO is the US Government recommended growth chart for children 0 to 24 months. 


WHO Baby Growth Chart Boys


WHO Baby Growth Chart Girls