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Size Guide - Adults

Our TØY adult clothes are designed to be as versatile as they are comfortable, and (with proper care) to last for a long time.

We offer adult sizes S to XL, however our clothing is designed to give you some size flexibility when your body naturally changes during different stages of life. For example, size S can be worn if a person's actual size is XS, S or M, however its perfect look will be on a person who typically wears size S.

For more specific sizing recommendations, please continue reading and see the chart below.

If you'd like to wear your Essential Sweatpants or Shorts at the waist, be sure to check this size chart:

If you're going for the low rise look, and want the pants/shorts to fit well at the hips and rather be more loose from there and down, use this chart:

For T-shirt size guide, please use your shoulder width (measured flat) as your guide if you'd like a fitted look: