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Imperfect Sale

Thank you for your interest in Imperfect TØY!

Upcoming sale:

Tuesday 4/2, 12:00 PM ET
Wednesday 4/3, 8:00 PM ET 

Any handmade product, especially teeny tiny baby clothes, is occasionally made with a human error. It's a totally normal, yet often unspoken part of the reality.
Unfortunately, the industry standard for most imperfect goods, especially if they are high end products like TØY, is to be destroyed 🔥 and never mentioned again 🤫 We love our planet Earth too much ❤️🌎 to follow what everyone else is doing and we think it is a better idea to give you the opportunity to buy Imperfect TØY at a very generous discount - enough for you to close your eye on the visual imperfection or to pick up your thread and needle for an item that needs a minor repair.
Because all Imperfect TØY are sold at very generous discounts, all sales are final and no returns or changes will be accepted. 

Why shop Imperfect TØY?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Give the imperfectly perfect and functional items a loving home
  • Get a chance to refresh some basic sewing skills
  • Save the planet from unnecessary waste
  • Save $$

Examples of imperfections

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