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Do Babies Need Long Sleeves In Summer?

TØY Short Sleeves


Are you expecting this summer? Then you might find yourself wondering if you should be buying newborn size long sleeves for your little one or just focus on short sleeves.

While it might sound surprising to some, babies and especially newborns, still need long sleeves in their layette, regardless of what time of the year they are born.


General rule of thumb

Babies' ratio of skin surface area to their body weight is much greater than adults' and they are not as good at maintaining body temperature as we are. A general rule of thumb to find the right temperature for your little one, is therefore to dress them in one more layer than what you would wear yourself.

So, if you think it's t-shirt weather for you, it probably means long sleeve for the little one. If it's cold enough for you to wear a long sleeve, then your baby needs two layers of clothing to keep them warm, but you could for example pair a short sleeve with a long sleeve.

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Air conditioned spaces

Don't be deceived by high temperatures outside, because while your babe might be fine with a short sleeve outside, as soon as they go into an air conditioned room - at home, at the hospital, doctor's office or anywhere else you might need to go to - chances are high that the temperature will be low enough for your baby to still need to wear a long sleeve or even two layers of clothing. A good idea is to always keep an extra long sleeve on hand when you are heading out and about.

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Sun protection

According to dermatologists, sunscreens are not advisable for babies younger than 6 months. That means they need to be kept out of the sun as much as possible to minimize risk of sun burns or in worst case developing skin cancer.

If you are walking with your newborn outside in the summer and cannot protect their skin with a canopy or other type of shade, it is recommended for babies to wear a hat and clothing that fully covers their bodies, including their arms and legs. However, if you have to dress them in long sleeves outside, pick extra light fabrics and keep an extra close eye on your little one to minimize the risk of overheating and heat strokes.

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