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Newborn Onesie Jumpsuit
Newborn Jumpsuit: Neutral Grey
Newborn Jumpsuit: Neutral Grey
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Newborn Jumpsuit: Neutral Grey

Newborn Jumpsuit: Neutral Grey

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The first few months of your baby's life are all about efficiency and safety. The constant diaper and outfit changes take up a lot of time, so you want something that's easy to put on, open and take off. This is where our infant jumpsuit with a 2-way zipper comes in really handy, because it makes diaper checks and diaper and outfit changes as easy as they can be. 

Additionally, you won't have to worry about both face scratches and missing socks, because our baby romper has a unique fold-over functionality, which if desired easily turns arm cuffs into mittens and foot cuffs into footies to keep your baby safe and warm.

This particular 100% organic cotton infant jumpsuit is one of the softest ones your baby has ever worn. Our organic fabric is brushed and never chemically softened to achieve the buttery-soft feel. To make the jumpsuit extra safe for your babe, we have placed the zipper diagonally on the side, so you won't have to worry about it bothering your baby's sensitive belly button AND it has extra fabric below it and at the top to protect your baby's delicate skin from the zipper.

Here are all the functionalities of our Newborn Jumpsuit in Neutral Grey summarized:

  • Fold-over cuffs, which can turn into mittens and footies or be folded up / used at full length as normal cuffs
  • 2-way zipper for easy diaper change
  • Built-in zipper protectors to guard your baby's skin
  • Extra belly & thigh space so your baby can feel extra comfortable
  • Low crotch, so the quick diaper checks and changes become even easier
  • Made with GOTS certified 100% organic cotton
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified zipper
  • Allergy-friendly

    Registered US patent number: D936,932

Size range: 21-25" (Choose based on baby's full length / height. Example: size 21" is for babies UP TO 21" long). Runs true to its size.

Not sure which size to choose? Visit our baby measurement guide or our size guide.

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