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TØY Organic Baby Blanket
Baby Blanket
Baby Blanket
Baby Blanket
Baby Blanket
Baby Blanket
Baby Blanket
Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket

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If you're looking for the best baby blanket or toddler blanket, you have come to the right place. Our 100% organic cotton Baby Blanket is everything you've ever wanted and more. Our minimalist and functional baby blankets make the perfect receiving blankets, swaddling blankets, security blankets, crib blankets, stroller blankets and car seat blankets. This is the perfect summer blanket as well as a winter blanket, because of how well organic cotton naturally regulates the body temperature.

TØY Baby Blankets are made with a thicker and more robust fabric than the typical muslin swaddle blankets, yet because it is brushed 100% organic cotton the blankets are extremely breathable and stretchy and still make the perfect swaddle blanket and so much more. Parents also love using our buttery-soft blankets to wrap their babies after a bath or as a cover to keep themselves and their little one warm during kangaroo care / skin-to-skin contact. Our blanket is slightly larger than typical newborn blanket, so it allows your baby to keep using it as she/he grows; for tummy time to other fun baby and toddler activities. It will also make the perfect comforting blanket well into the future.

Our certified 100% organic cotton fabric used to make Baby Blanket, Everyone's blanket and all of our TØY baby clothes comes from cotton seeds grown without harmful pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals. This fabric is also free of dyes, in addition to our standard of being free of bleaches, flame-retardants, softeners, anti-shrinkage and other unnecessary chemicals. The luxurious, soft feel of TØY 100% organic cotton fabrics comes from brushing, which also increases the fabric's breathability. Because we don't treat any of our products with toxic substances, they are naturally also more durable and we hope that you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy them for multiple years if not generations!

PS. Who needs mommy and baby matching clothes if you and your baby can have matching blankies? Check out Everyone's Blanket here.

Baby blanket size: 40x40"

Fabric: Certified 100% Organic Cotton

Pure Cotton - undyed
Neutral Grey, Forest Green, Deep Ocean Blue and Salmon Pink - safely dyed with low-impact and baby-safe dyes


Made in: India